Lead R & D Scientist

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Lead R & D Scientist

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist who is passionate in the development of new chemical products and technologies deriving from the chemical transformation of lignocellulose through furans. In this position, you will help develop new chemical processes to create polymers and additives from proof-of-concept to a commercial process. You will work in a dynamic environment with a cohesive team of process engineers, synthetic and analytical chemists. The position provides the opportunity to run a program by autonomously planning and executing hands-on process development projects. Your position will include leading and developing a team of associates scientists (2-3) to help execute the R&D goals.

Candidates must be qualified based on education and expertise in the following area: Catalytic Oxidation or Reduction chemistry with subject matter expertise in kinetics and equilibria.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • The candidate will develop chemical reaction models to create new chemical processes and in turn, perform process intensification to help commercialize our technology of converting renewable feedstocks to useful products.
    • Have a strong understanding of chemistry and chemical engineering concepts, to solve problems with an approach based on chemistry and physics first principles.
    • Rigorous ability in developing a cogent hypothesis based on data analysis, then plan and execute an effective experimental design to interrogate the hypothesis
    • Create Project Plans and hands-on execution to develop rate laws and kinetic models for complicated multiphase reactions. The candidate will safely use chemical reactors, in the presence of oxidizing agents or reducing agents including oxygen and hydrogen.
    • Perform Statistical analysis of reaction simulations and the development of reaction mechanisms.
    • Expertise in metal catalyst synthesis and characterization through tests such as catalytic surface measurements.
  • The candidate will develop and perform quantitative and qualitative test procedures for analyzing components of materials, determining chemical or physical properties, and structure activity relationships of various chemical systems.
    • Talent in paying close attention to detail and being accurate and precise.
    • Expert use of excel to execute for kinetic modeling
  • Innovate and create intellectual property
  • Have experience in evaluation, characterization and measurement of technology in their area of expertise.
  • Executing and managing multidisciplinary chemistry projects in a fast pace start-up environment.
    • Prospers in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing needs and priorities
    • Write technical reports with cogent data/figure presentation, document work procedures, produce key progress indicators (KPI’s)
    • Effective in working with a team of chemical engineers, analytical and synthetics chemists, Business Development and management, by precisely communicating observations, solutions to problems and advocating new projects
    • Provide clear timelines and budgets for projects
    • Work as a team player (e.g. contribute your expertise and knowledge to colleague’s program and projects)
  • Having basic knowledge of management and business skills to lead a team of directs
    • Demonstrates strong technical leadership to influence project direction based on highly reliable experimental data and technical insight
    • Conducts safe, precise and accurate laboratory practices
    • Scientists will also develop expert knowledge of emerging technologies, trends, products and ingredients using global internal and external networks to drive innovation.
    • Develops directs in all aspects of their work
  • Utilize and Subcontract academic and service labs outside the company
  • Utilize subject matter experts to accelerate completion of program objectives
  • Develop tech package along with the head of Engineering with sufficient detail to permit an Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) company to generate an FEL-2 level CAPEX estimate for process step at Pioneer-scale.
  • Develop Design basis with significant support of the head of R&D and Engineering for items related to pilot to commercial sanity checks.
  • Work and engage with existing consultants along with the head of R&D and/or Engineering.
  • Manage timelines and progress of advancing OPEX snapshots to forecast estimates for ~5 technical members.


Education Requirement:

PhD in Chemical Engineering

Experience Requirement:

PhD + 1.5 year of experience focusing on reaction engineering, catalyst synthesis, reaction mechanism determination of complex multiphase systems modeling kinetics and equilibria. Must have experience safely use chemical reactors, in the presence of oxidizing agents or reducing agents including oxygen and hydrogen.