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Market Analyst

Job description

The Job

Markets have depth, they comprise multiple layers. From above they may seem simple and sufficiently homogenized to build a nice pie-chart. But from within, they are a web of interdependent preferences, drives, and constraints made by individual agents.  The resulting, seemingly random, network is in fact structured, comprising a unique architecture for each market sector ultimately reflecting the character of a given industry. The markets within the chemical industry are deceptively complex and subtle. Constrained by the conservation of mass, driven by oil prices, and ignited by new science; they demand astute analysis to be understood.

At Origin, a core part of your job will be to analyze and describe this character.

You will:

  • Uncover the flow of value through given value chains.
  • Identify and describe the attributes of a given product (chemical or material) that make it valuable. 
  • Look for opportunities for partnership, collaboration, and commercialization; and when you find such an opportunity you will determine its fit for the company.
  • Determine the dynamic between suppliers, competitors, and customers.

Things that make you right for this gig:

  • You realize that analysis is pointless if no one understands it. You’re awesome at constructing reports that communicate information (often data) clearly and efficiently.
  • Google search will undoubtedly be your tool of choice, but you recognize that interviews with people in the market are an irreplaceable source of information. 
  • Saying that you are proficient with Excel, seems like an understatement.
  • You recognize that you are mapping the market territory from which the company will plot its course. As such a ‘map-maker’ you work with integrity and you value precision + accuracy. You are deeply concerned about the fit between the company’s products and the market’s demands. You are constantly looking for opportunities to improve this fit.
  • You strongly believe that quantitative descriptions are best.
  • You understand that not every description can be made quantitative. What you learned about the market last month may not be true this month. This worries you. You track things over time.
  • You are a great listener. You even hear what isn’t being said.
  • You can work on multiple projects at once.
  • Behind every market reality is a financial one for you to figure out, this excites – doesn’t scare – you.




  • Minimum 1-3 years market research/ industrial marketing experience
  • Bachelors degree in a technical field, technical degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering preferred 

Strong candidates will also have:

  • Working knowledge of research databases
  • Higher level degree, PhD, MBA
  • Experience in the Specialty Chemical, Biochemical or Petrochemical industry
  • Proven ability to deliver consistent results within budget