Pilot Plant Operator- Canada

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  • Sarnia, Canada

Pilot Plant Operator- Canada

Job description

Company Description:

Origin Materials is a research and development company specializing in the manufacture of renewable, bio-based, specialty chemicals.

Main Responsibilities and Duties:
• Safely startup, run, and shut down chemical process unit that operates 24/5 according to established procedure. Monitor unit and adjust control set points as it becomes necessary, and log key data according to procedure. Additionally, obtain process samples, and submit for analyses. Prepare equipment for maintenance by writing or following written procedures for isolating, draining, and cleaning equipment.

• Be willing and able to wear personal protective equipment (i.e. flame-retardant clothing, hard
hat, gloves and safety glasses/goggles). Use two-way radio to contact operation control. Climb
stairs, drive light industrial equipment, wind hoses, move waste packs. Address hazardous
situations in the rare event that they arise. Don self-contained air respirator, properly operate a
fire extinguisher, or execute a full process shut down if necessary.

• Learn a chemical process and make operational decisions. Respond to process alarms and
mitigate issues before safety or product quality is compromised. Over time, the experience
afforded by continuous operation provides process insight and opportunities to discuss
improvements to the operation with the plant engineer or operations leader. Recommend
safety improvements or efficiency improvements. Communicate clearly and transparently with
the operations leader.


Required Education, Experience, and Qualifications:

• BA or BS degree preferred
• 1-2 years in chemical industry preferred
• Operational and/or mechanical skills
• Capable of lifting 20kg
• Required computer skills: MS Excel, MS Word, Photo importing and formatting