Plant Production Manager

  • Manufacturing
  • Sarnia, Canada

Plant Production Manager

Job description

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Function**)
• Lead a production organization. Ensure every employee experiences purpose and
unity of motivation towards organizational goals. Communicate the driving principles:
integrity, compliance, transparency, customer focus, and continuous improvement.

• Create a safety-first culture. Set the procedure and protocol expectations. Ensure the
team operating the plant is sufficiently qualified to address emergency situations.
Interface with local authorities and first responders to ensure emergency

• Create or implement systems to address any organizational deficiencies (late
shipments, off-spec material, lack of training, etc.). Create systems that motivate
desired behaviors (near miss reporting, preemptive problem prevention, safety
awareness, and self-audit). Hold department leaders accountable for their
performance. Ensure accountability for specific tasks remain the responsibility of the
assigned person or function (no “assignment drift”).

• Manage the production unit budget. Assign resources where they are needed:
addressing safety concerns, repairs, capital improvements, cost reduction projects,
etc. Generate the facility cash flow statements. Deliver the safety, product quality,
and cost metric reports.

• Eliminate waste from the organization. Drive continuous improvement on all
operational metrics. Recruit and hire the engineers, logistical personnel,
administrators, and operation’s leaders for the organization.

Supervision Exercised (Direct Reports): Production engineer, EH&S engineer, logistics
coordinator, operations leader, maintenance engineer.


Experience: 5+ years as a production engineer and 5+ years as an operations leader and 2+

years in an EH&S role supporting manufacturing organizations.

Skills: Competent communicator, organization, budget management.

Working Conditions: 90% office, 10% field.