Process Engineer- Canada

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Process Engineer- Canada

Job description

Company Description:

Origin Materials is a research and development company specializing in the manufacture of renewable, bio-based, specialty chemicals.


  • Understand chemistry and physics of a production process. This includes expected reaction rate constants, heat transfer coefficients, mixing parameters, filtering properties, dissolved solids quantity and quality, and temperatures/pressures. The production engineer is the resident expert on the process.
  • Define and periodically update the operating envelope. This is the range of process set points (e.g., minimum or maximum pressure or temperature set point) that enables on-spec material production, improved equipment longevity and safe operations.
  • Process optimization based on analysis of (1) data from the control system and (2) data from sample analysis. Improving selectivity, yield, raw material efficiency, throughput, reduction of impurities, and run-to-run consistency. Some statistical analysis required.
  • Perform some operator training. Interface with operations daily to assess the health of the plant and operation. Recommend set point changes. Generate key process indicator reports for the production leader. Participate in management of change reviews for new equipment or major process changes. Contribute to new procedures or existing procedure revision.


Experience and Education

  • Education: BS in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Experience: 4+ years in a chemical plant.

Required knowledge and skills:

  • Skills: Valuable skills would include: Six Sigma, JMP, Mathematica, Excel, and any DCS.
  • Working Conditions: 60% office, 40% field including ladders, stairs, extended PPE use.
  • Physical Requirements Must be able to climb 4 flights of stairs or climb ladder. Can wear/utilize all necessary PPE including steel-toe boots, respirator, coveralls, hard hat, and gloves.