Process Operator

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Process Operator

Job description


Origin is a Chemical Research and Development Company located in West Sacramento, CA. Operators may work rotating shifts on various units within Origin, which may include hazardous materials under elevated temperatures and pressures. Operators must follow safe work practices including use of Personal Protective Equipment. In addition, Operators perform various duties required to keep their assigned units clean, operating efficiently, and safely.


Typical Responsibilities:

·           Maintaining equipment and operations.

·           Taking samples/readings of various process streams.

·           Maintaining proper and safe process operations of process equipment.

·           Communicating effectively during operations, and upon shift relief, about important process parameters and equipment information.

·           Responsible for adhering to all of Micromidas’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

·           Start up, run, and shut down units whenever required.

·           Notify immediately to the Operations team and Operations Lead about any abnormality.

·           Before starting maintenance, sufficiently decommission equipment to prevent any accidents or spills.

·           Identify, report, and when possible, correct unsafe conditions.



·          Associate’s degree or Technical certification in Process Technology from an accredited school

·          Bachelors of Science (B.S.) Degree

·          Direct experience working as a process operator, maintenance or technician in the chemical industry